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The Me & The Why

Wife, Mom, Teacher, Cancer

First a bit about me…things you probably don’t know. I am a wife of 14 years, a mother to a 12-year-old, a now retired teacher after spending 16 years in the classroom, and I’ve been diagnosed with cancer not once, but twice. Thankfully, I’ve been cancer-free for almost eight years! Whoohoo!

I LOVE Helping Teachers

Until recently, I taught full time while I created resources for teachers. I love helping others! This past school year, I became overwhelmed with everything, began having problems with my blood pressure, and spent a couple of days in the hospital. My husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day there, how romantic. LOL

So, what is the Simply Teach Membership all about? While I loved teaching, sometimes, well, let’s be honest here, more times than not, I’ve felt bogged down with so many things (wife, mom, teaching, health, LIFE) that I felt like I was continually drowning and could never get ahead. In other words, I couldn’t keep up! My teacher partner (also one of my best friends) and I said so many times that we wish all our planning was done for us and that we could simply walk into the classroom and SIMPLY TEACH!

SIMPLY TEACH! That’s it! What if you had everything that you needed to walk into your classroom and SIMPLY TEACH?! Every month you had access to seasonal items, forms for organizing the classroom and your workflow, and resources for reading, writing, word study, math, and science. Everything was mapped out for you and available for you to download, print, copy, and implement.

Does this sound familiar?

Planning Time

It's your plan time yet you don't have time to plan because there is always something that happens or needs done. Something like an unplanned meeting or an expected phone call from a parent. You have emails to read and respond to, you have papers that need graded, copies that need made, and you really could use a restroom break.

Extreme Demands

Not only are you supposed to find time to plan and teach, the demands of teaching are astronomical. Keep our kids safe, while still maintaining discipline is a daily balancing act. New curriculum, demands from administration, grading, and the paperwork. It's never ending!

Time for you

When was the last time you read a book for pleasure or spent an entire weekend doing nothing but hanging out with your family, friends, or furbaby? When was the last time you didn't bring a teaching bag home from school?

What if...

  • you could have your nights, weekends, and summers back?
  • you had resources at your fingertips to teach
    reading, writing, word study, math, and science?
  • you could go back into the classroom and Simply Teach for
    less than a dollar a day?
6 reasons you'll love the
Simply Teach Membership:

Available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade


Everything you need for teaching Math:  Daily math, anchor charts, practice pages, task cards, centers, exit slips, and assessments


Everything you need for teaching Writing:  Suggested daily lessons, suggested read alouds, anchor charts, grammar practice and assessments.  


Everything you need for teaching Reading:  Reading Workshop resources focused on a specific strategy or skill.  Suggested read alouds, task cards, and assessments.

Word Study

Word study is completely flexible.  Use your own word list, or the list provided.  Word study isn’t just about spelling, but includes vocabulary as well!  

Bonus Materials

Getting started or in the middle of the year, we’ve got you covered!  The Simply Teach Lesson Plan Notebook will keep you organized.  Need parent/teacher forms, yep, that too!  Every month you will be provided with a special bonus!


Coming August 2020.

What's included?


Once you have joined the membership, you will gain instant access to your grade level’s monthly resources for math, reading, writing, and word study.


As a member of Simply Teach, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will meet and have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers just like you!

3. New Content & Extras

Each month you will have access to new content and EXTRA goodies!

4. Cancel Anytime

No obligation!  If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Customers reviews

What people say?

This seller always has wonderful resources. You can't go wrong with her material. It is always easy to use and works well for my needs! Thank you for providing this material!
Tracey M.
TpT Customer
Your products are always so interactive and fun for kids! The instructions and materials are always so detailed and easy to use!
Creativly Yours
TpT Customer


In addition to the introductory price, you will also receive the Simply Teach Plan Book (a $10 value) for FREE!!


Most frequent questions and answers

When you join, you will have instant access to the monthly content.  New content will be added on the 15th of each month.  For example, the content for November will be available for download on October 15th.  This gives you approximately two weeks to prepare all the lessons and resources.  

No.  On the first of the month the content for the prior month will be removed.  

The Common Core State Standards were used to align each grade level’s curriculum.  If you don’t use the Common Core State Standards, I’ve found that most states’ curriculum line up very closely.

The majority of the content is provided as a PDF, so you will need Adobe to open and print the files.  Some content is editable, and that content is provided to you in Microsoft PowerPoint.