Choice Board

We all have those students that raise their hand and say, “I’m done, now what do I do?”  We also have those who finish with their work and decide its time to play and distract others.  Does this sound familiar?

I want my students to be engaged with something meaningful at all times.  I believe in the power of choice when it comes to choosing what to do when all work is complete.  This is where the choice board comes in.

A choice board is a tool that ensures students incorporate a range of multiple intelligences, and/or learning preferences.  This is an example of a choice board that I have displayed in my class.  I have made it so that I can change out activities as needed.  Each subject is color coded so that students can easily locate what they want to complete.

Choice Board


For every 9 weeks, I provide my students with a total of 72 activities that address Reading, Writing, Words, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  There are 2 activities per subject/per week.  I color code each subject for students to easily distinguish between subjects.


I allow my students to chose the way in which they compile their activity.  They are provided 8 project ideas to choose from.  All eight intelligences are addressed with these projects.

Multiple intelligences Projects Multiple intelligencesProjects 2 copy   

Free Choice

Because the purpose of The Choice Board is choice, they also have the opportunity to choose their own topic and/or  project to complete with approval.  We call this free choice.

Choice Board Choices


I choose not to grade the projects, but that is your choice.  I choose not to grade them as they are used as sponge activities. The Choice Board provides my students with a learning experience without an attached grade. Students are excited to work on them and are proud of their finished product.

I have a 36 week collection of Choice Board activities.  You can find it HERE.

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  1. says

    Hey there Mandy,

    I love this idea, because it is so simple and looks as though it doesn't require me changing kids names for "center rotations." Do you have the choices from your board in a PDF or in your store? I cannot read them ( I'm sure that is on purpose…hee hee). I just wanted to get some ideas on how to get started.

    Thanks! Love your blog…I have it on my sidebar!

  2. says

    What a great way to get students to take ownership and responsibility. It reminds me of individual "contracts" that I once saw at an alternative school. Each child had to complete the tasks on a small but similar board, based on their interest at any given moment throughout the day. I think I'm going to borrow your idea….thanks!

  3. says

    I recently read a great book that had a very similar idea for early finishers. I love the idea of a self lead project of their choosing for no particular grade. It really teaches that intrinsic motivation and that desire to learn for the sake of learning! Excellent post!

  4. Lucy says

    You are fortunate. I teach high school and differentiating is very difficult because my students won’t do any work unless it’s for a grade. I’m attempting to come up with a system of extra credit maybe.

    • Mandy Neal says

      I agree Lucy! There are a lot of perks to teaching the younger ones. Many, not all, want to do things just because they like to please. I couldn’t be a high school teacher!! I think an extra credit system sounds like a great idea!!


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