Test Prep Vocabulary

Here it is again, test prep!  No matter how well your students are prepared, it is still a good idea to prepare your students for testing vocabulary.  We don’t want our students to get stumped simply because they are not sure what the test is asking for.

In order to prepare my students, we review important words that they may encounter while making connections with what they already know.  My students know that when they see a Venn Diagram, they place similarities in the center and differences on the outside.  We have practiced this skill all year.  What I want to make sure  they know is if they are given a constructed response question and asked to compare and contrast they know what this means.  I want them to become familiar with the vocabulary and make the connection that when they use a Venn Diagram, they are comparing and contrasting.

I have compiled a list of 24 words that I think will benefit my students and created a Test Prep Vocabulary Pack.  It’s a freebie!  I hope that you find it useful and it that allows you a little more time to do what you need  to prepare your students for success!

You can download it for free HERE in my TpT store.


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  1. 1

    Mandy, I downloaded this from your TPT store…it looks great. We have testing in Ohio coming up the end of April, so this will definitely be a part of my final preparation…thanks so much for sharing!

  2. 2

    I am your newest follower :) Attending a Kagan training (and numerous ones afterwards) totally changed my teaching for the better. I am glad I found your blog. If you have time stop by my blog. I am new to blogging but plan to incorporate many ways to use cooperative learning in my posts/items.


  3. 3

    What a great resource. My students start testing at the end of April.
    Thank you.

  4. 4

    Mandy I found your tpt shop and love it! Thank you for creating the amazing test prep material. I have given your tpt shop a little shout out on teaching fashionista.blogspot.com, I was writing about some great materials for testing and yours is awesome! Have a great weekend!

  5. 5

    Blame the suit for not bowing before your genius. Thanks so much for the TPT store!@boseVocabulary Quiz Template

  6. 6

    These look great, Mandy!
    I’m a Canadian teacher, so we aren’t in the same testing “crunch” right now, but I’ll remember these!!

    Good luck!
    Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom

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