10 Round Robin Alternatives

April bright ideas 2.001

I am eleven years old sitting in my sixth grade classroom.  We are reading out of a textbook, I’m pretty sure it was a social studies book.  My teacher chose to have our class read round robin.  I was a quiet student, afraid to embarrass myself, let someone down, or fail.  When we had to [Read On]

March Madness Free Printables


There is nothing like the sound of hearing the squeak of the shoes and the dribbling of the ball on the basketball court.  Yes, my friends, we are fans of March Madness around my house. Every year, I hear the mumbling of March Madness at some point in the classroom.  So, here is a set [Read On]

10 Cooperative Learning Strategies

Top 10 Cooperative Learning Strategies5

It has been a long time since I have blogged about cooperative learning strategies.  They tend to become second nature to me, and I forget that this isn’t necessarily the same for everyone.  As a refresher, I have compiled my top 10 cooperative learning strategies that have been featured here on the blog at some [Read On]

Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has…

I have...Who has... games

I have…Who has… is one of my all time favorite games for the classroom.  It amazes me that every year with every group of students this game is always a hit.  While it’s a challenge to complete, the entire class works together to complete one single task.  They become a team and rally each other.  [Read On]

The Journey of the One Hundred Dollar Bill

100 Dollar Journey

The other day I came across this fun site called Festisite.  You can upload a picture and insert it into different dollar amounts, save it, and/or print it.   It has the option to create money amounts from currencies all over the world.  Creating money isn’t the only option either.  It’s pretty neat and caused me [Read On]

Differentiated Instruction with Give Me 5 Strategy

Give me 5

Did I hear, “Give me five”?  When my students hear “Give me five”, they automatically know exactly what I am talking about.  At the beginning of the year or after introducing the strategy, they often refer to the hand that they drew like the one below.  My students have it attached in a notebook for [Read On]

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.


I have a freebie in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Students work cooperatively with classmates using Write ‘n’ Pass and Find a Buddy Who.  These activities can be completed after reading a book or watching a movie about Martin Luther King, Jr.. You can download this freebie HERE from my TpT store!

A Spin on Choosing


I came across this fun little app that holds many possibilities.  It’s called Decide Now.  There is a free version, but it doesn’t give you the option to personalize and wouldn’t serve a purpose in the classroom.  The paid version is $0.99, and in my opinion worth it. Here are a couple of ways that [Read On]

Differentiated Instruction with Think-Tac-Toe

Differentiated Instruction with Think-Tac-Toe

Think-Tac-Toe?  What is Think-Tac-Toe?  Think-Tac-Toe is a strategy that allows students to chose how they will show what they are learning, by giving them a variety of activities to chose from.  Students are given a 3 x 3 grid, just like tic-tac-toe with the exception that each spot is filled with an activity. Creating a [Read On]

Friday Freebie~Interactive Word Work Notebook

PS Interactive Notebook

How excited are your students when it comes to learning and applying prefixes and suffixes?  From experience, it can be a not so fun task for both the teacher and the students. This is where the Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes and Suffixes comes in.  Get rid of the boring definitions and worksheets.   [Read On]

Differentiating Instruction with Appointment Buddies

Differentiating Instruction Made Simple

When you think of differentiated instruction, what comes to mind? Another thing to do? More time that you don’t have? More copying? More planning? Actually it doesn’t have to be anything like the above, it can be quite simple in fact. As Laura Robb has said, differentiation is a way of teaching; it’s not a [Read On]

Talking About the New Year

When students return to school after the New Year, they have so much to talk about.  These activities give them a way to share, while providing opportunities for team building and class building. You will find directions for a two cooperative learning activities; Pick a Card and Find a Buddy Who.  Also, students compare and [Read On]

Friday Freebie


I want to say that I am so happy it’s finally Friday, but to be honest today is the first day we have been back to school in a week.  Living in Southwest Missouri definitely has its perks.  One of the perks is the snow days!  Snow can be crippling to our tiny towns and [Read On]

10 Classroom Gift Exchange Ideas

10 Classroom gift exchange ideas

Classroom gift exchanges can be stressful.  At least I know that they have been for me.  Unknowingly someone ends up hurting someone’s feelings, a student forgets their gift at home or are unable to purchase a gift.  Over the past few years, I have tried different things beyond the traditional gift giving and I find [Read On]

Friday Freebie Times 2


Happy Friday friends!  Today I have had the luxury of being home due to a snow day.  We have a little more than six inches and it’s still coming down.  I absolutely love being snowed it! I have a couple of freebies that I wanted to share with you for the month of December.  Both [Read On]

It’s a Cyber Sale

Cyber sale

Happy Monday and for those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was full of family and good food! The long awaited Cyber Monday is here!  I have a couple of sales that I’m excited to share with you.  First, is the sale right here at Teaching With Simplicity.  All printables and curriculum resources [Read On]

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