Heads Together ~ A Cooperative Learning Strategy

Heads Together

Do you have hogs and logs in your classroom?  I know I have had many of them over the years.  Heads Together is a cooperative learning strategy that prevents those hogs from stealing the show and the logs from doing nothing. What’s Just Happened? The hog likes to talk, so they are getting an opportunity to [Read On]

Grandparents Day Paper Bag Book


Are you ready for this?!?  Grandparents Day is right around the corner and I have a fun creative keepsake for students to make!  My daughter was the guinea pig for this activity, and she was more than excited to help!  Without further ado, I introduce you to the Grandparent’s Day Paper Bag Book! I purchased [Read On]

Tools for Close Reading

tools for close reading 7

Looking for a versatile tool for close reading?  Try a page protector.  Keep reading because it’s more than you think! Using a page protector for a printable page is pretty easy to figure out.  Give students a printable passage, place in a page protector, and you have an instant reusable surface for students to use [Read On]

Nails, Book Baskets, Drawers, Burlap, & Love

Five For Friday collage

This week I have decided to like up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday to add a little mix. Randomness #1 Last night I put on my very first set of Jamberry nails!  Wow, is all I can say.  I wasn’t quite sure what all the hype was about, but now I completely get it. [Read On]

10 Back to School Ice Breakers

back to school ice breakers

  It is crazy to think that back to school is even in my vocabulary right now!  Where has the time gone? I spend the majority of the first 2-3 days engaging my students in class building and team building activities.  I believe these first few days set the stage for the entire year.   Compiled [Read On]

Organizing Team Supplies

Plastic Mason Jars

Over the years, how I organize team supplies within my classroom has evolved.  All ways are functional and serve the purpose, keeping team supplies organized and available to students at all times. Plastic Mason Jars As of today,this is my favorite!  Currently you can find these cute plastic mason jars at Wal-Mart.  The only downfall [Read On]

Editable PowerPoint Tutorial & Free Binder Covers


Editable PowerPoints have been very popular and continue to be within the digital teaching resource market.  The ability to customize a resource such as a class list is very appealing.  I know that it is for me, because the OCD in me wants everything to look all special. Customizing a resource can be tedious, but [Read On]

All-in-One Teacher Planner

All in One Teacher Planner Collage2

I am excited to introduce the NEW All-in-One Teacher Planner!  Everything that you need to stay organized for the entire year is included and in 3 different designs! The All-in-One Teacher Planner contains lesson planning templates, calendars, classroom forms, and K-5 Common Core checklists for both Math and ELA . All lesson planning templates, calendars, [Read On]

Summertime Bingo

Summertime Bingo

Schools…out….for…summer, well almost.  We are officially down to 1-1/2 days!  Woohoo!  I am ready for the break, and as equally ready for a new start come August! To celebrate the coming of summer, I created a Summertime Bingo.  It has been added to the free printable collection, even better. To add a little extra “fun” [Read On]

Practicing Those Pesky Prefixes & Suffixes

Beach ball suffixes and prefixes

What does a beach ball have to do with prefixes and suffixes? Then, add in some Sharpie markers.  Beach ball + Sharpie markers = ????  Hmmm…..   Beach ball + Sharpie markers = a small group or whole class game to practice prefixes and suffixes!  Super fun, and the students LOVE it! I bought this [Read On]

Poster Sized Prints for the Classroom

4th and 5th Culminating

Do you have a letter sized printable that you wish you could enlarge? Of course you could send it to a copier, pay to have it printed, and then have to travel unknown distance to pick up your poster sized printable. Did you know that there is a way to do it from your personal [Read On]

10 Round Robin Alternatives

April bright ideas 2.001

I am eleven years old sitting in my sixth grade classroom.  We are reading out of a textbook, I’m pretty sure it was a social studies book.  My teacher chose to have our class read round robin.  I was a quiet student, afraid to embarrass myself, let someone down, or fail.  When we had to [Read On]

March Madness Free Printables


There is nothing like the sound of hearing the squeak of the shoes and the dribbling of the ball on the basketball court.  Yes, my friends, we are fans of March Madness around my house. Every year, I hear the mumbling of March Madness at some point in the classroom.  So, here is a set [Read On]

10 Cooperative Learning Strategies

Top 10 Cooperative Learning Strategies5

It has been a long time since I have blogged about cooperative learning strategies.  They tend to become second nature to me, and I forget that this isn’t necessarily the same for everyone.  As a refresher, I have compiled my top 10 cooperative learning strategies that have been featured here on the blog at some [Read On]

Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has…

I have...Who has... games

I have…Who has… is one of my all time favorite games for the classroom.  It amazes me that every year with every group of students this game is always a hit.  While it’s a challenge to complete, the entire class works together to complete one single task.  They become a team and rally each other.  [Read On]

The Journey of the One Hundred Dollar Bill

100 Dollar Journey

The other day I came across this fun site called Festisite.  You can upload a picture and insert it into different dollar amounts, save it, and/or print it.   It has the option to create money amounts from currencies all over the world.  Creating money isn’t the only option either.  It’s pretty neat and caused me [Read On]

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